Thursday, March 02, 2006

Blind Contour "Hot" First Friday - March

When I saw Niff and Sutter's Blind Contour First Friday theme, "hot" I was delighted. I took a break at Starbuck's from a stressful day and took my sketchbook as usual. I was the only person besides the employees working behind the counter so I decided to do a blind contour of my Latte. I like my Latte's good and "hot" and have been known to ask for mine extra hot (so that it scorches the roof of one's mouth). Nothing worse than a warm Latte. I would have liked to have been more original with this theme as it is such a great one (see Niff and Sutter's) but I am in a time crunch with an all day meeting tomorrow. For more cool Blind Contour First Friday's visit Inkfinger!


Anonymous Laura said...

Maggie, I think it is original and it is in your great Maggie style, so that's the important thing. Hope your workday today goes well.

4:53 AM  
Blogger Chrixean said...

This is my favorite BC post of all. Your Starbucks logo BC sketch has remained intact! I also love that you drew in the carton holder as well :-)
i love my coffee really HOT too. I especially love it when it scorches the tongue when i first take a sip. Or maybe I'm just a sadomasochist...

10:14 AM  
Anonymous niff said...

Great Idea, but it is making me thirsty. I love all that crazy type and how it flows right off the cup.

awesome job.

11:04 AM  
Anonymous dave h said...

i love seeing writing in blind contour

11:56 AM  
Blogger AnastasiaC said...

wow that looks really really good!
I might give a BC drawing a go too!

2:26 PM  

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