Friday, May 25, 2007

Busy Spring

We have been SO busy these past 4 weeks with hardly a moment to post a thing. A short list of things I will be blogging about:

  • MM (My Man, Maggie's Man, Mr. Man) and I took an inpromptu trip to a spectacular place in the USA a couple of weekends ago and I'll post photos or better yet, illustrations of our trip as time permits.
  • I FINALLY finished the master bedroom curtains and will post photos. Finally!
  • I've almost finished a spring illo however at this rate it might just be summer before I post it. ;(
  • MM and I planned and threw a party for his mother's 80th birthday which was a smashing success. Can I still say smashing? I love that word. Photos to follow.
  • Our youngest son went to his senior prom, he is just so handsome and we are so proud of him. He graduates in June!
  • We went out and bought some flowers and didn't even put a dent in our new flower beds. It will definitely be a work in progress.
  • So much more going on in between all this including working full time...Phew. I am bushed!
  • Today I picked and cut stalks and stalks of rhubarb from our garden and still have more to cut and clean. I don't know much about moving rhubarb but need to to make room for our lovely new Hydrangea. I love rhubard and strawberry crumble. Does anyone have any great rhubarb recipes they would like to share?
  • I plan to try drying some of our Hydrangea this year if it does well and found a link here and here. I think I should ask Kim who sent me a beautiful box of dried Hydrangeas last year which are proudly displayed in my home. The colors are just so rich and vivid! Thank you Kim, I love them!


Blogger Kim Carney said...

I will send you some this year! ;) So glad to hear from you. Since my schedule change I hardly have time to blog, read blogs or comment ;( what has happened to me! ;0

11:06 AM  

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