Saturday, December 01, 2007

Multi Tasking

We are in a deep freeze today; every inch of grass, trees, roads and homes are covered with a thick layer of ice. All my plans for shopping and errands..poof! The roads are just too dangerous to out be on today. The ice covered my beautiful minature rose bush in our front yard. I do hope it survives as it is north facing. So now it's to the project list.

It's crazy! Do you ever have those days, weeks and months where you are working on a dozen projects at one time? That's me, the story of my life. I am high in Input so that explains everything. We are in the midst of renovating, decorating for Christmas, booking flights and I am working on a Christmas card and have almost finished my first composition book. Phew! This has me stressing about how will I get it all done? Oh, and I must make one Christmas ornament for an exchange coming up...when's a girl have time to soak and relax??? Not to mention do all the Christmas shopping...

You are probably wondering why I haven't posted any illustrations lately. I actually am working on several illustrations and will post them as time permits. As I said, I am working on a Christmas card and I just finished a promo card that I send to clients. I also handed them out at the most recent Silver Bella event.

In the coming year I will be working on rebuilding my website and my blog. Have I said I've put enough on my plate to wear the most industrious woman out?

And yet another post of a Silver Bella project taught by the lovely Rebecca Sower.

This was such a fun project. I loved all the little glass pieces and mini collages underneath. It looks so much better in person and the edges of the glass are tipped in an antique glitter. Rebecca was so helpful and took the time to work with everyone individually as needed.

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Blogger Jennifer Paganelli said...

Oh Maggie..I saw you there having the time of your life...who didn't..hard not to..thanks for contacting me but more importantly thanks for having a pic of you on your blog it helps sooo much..I admire your talent as well ...have a happy happy holiday...

8:45 AM  
Blogger Laume said...

You ask "Do you ever have one of those days?..." No, I just have one of those LIVES! When do I NOT multi-task. And sometimes it's fun and sometimes it's just feels insane.

We've yet had our first winter storm - late for round these parts. But we did have a tiny snow flurry last night that was festive without even making the roads wet.

I love your little glass inchies project. I wouldn't have realized it was under glass unless you'd mentioned it. I like the way it looks almost woven from far back.

10:33 PM  

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