Thursday, January 31, 2008

Delicious Dinner

Tonight I made Pad Thai for dinner. A few months ago my friend Sunaree who is Thai and her husband had my husband and I over for dinner and she cooked Pad Thai for us. I have to tell you it was the most amazing and delicious experience. I didn't take a photo of dinner as it was the first time we had dinner together and I thought it would be rude. The food was incredible and the presentation so colorful. Her husband loves her cooking too and is her perfect match.

Yesterday Sunaree brought me some rice noodles and I tried my first hand at it. I bought a sauce mix ( I know, not very original) however I am going to try making the sauce on my own when I have more time. I only have about an hour in the evening during the week so cooking quickly is often a must. My husband and I had seconds and we'll both have some left over for work tomorrow. Yum!

This is the closest photo to what Sunaree served us for dinner that night (an exceptional photo of Pad Thai I might add!). Pim used a few different ingredients than Sunaree did and I used a packet of sauce picked up at the store which my husband and I both found quite good. I also substituted the shrimp for chicken and left out the egg as we are watching our cholesterol which is a good thing but fresh shrimp with this meal is incredible. I'll save the times to have it with shrimp when Sunaree is doing the cooking. Visually, hers looks so much more vibrant.

I can't say enough about Sunaree, she is an amazing cook and so sweet too, I can't wait until she cooks for us again. After all, why have a copy when you can have the real thing! :)

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Blogger Laume said...

I love Pad Thai. There are some boxed noodle and sauce boxes out there that aren't a bad place to start, just add your own veggies and stuff. You can still add the egg without the cholesterol if you don't use the yolk.

4:29 PM  

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