I dreamt one day of traveling the US fulltime, drawing and painting the world around me. Now I'm living my dream! I'm an illustrative designer living with my husband in our tiny home on wheels, near sparkling, crystal clear oceans, majestic mountains, expansive deserts, beside beautiful lakes and rippling streams. We explore nature and the towns we travel through, visiting historical sites, enjoying food at local eateries and shopping for vintage treasures. These experiences are what inspires me and influence my art. I always carry a sketchbook, journaling my experiences and a camera. I take photos (a lot!) to remember what I've experienced and to use as reference for my illustrations and paintings.

I hold a degree in graphic design and illustration through my studies at SC4 in Michigan and at Kent State University in Ohio.  After living in California and working as an in-house graphic designer creating work for editorial, print and web, I began to focus on my first love, illustration.

I enjoy creating colorful, detailed illustrations, both digitally and traditionally. Often my work will cross over from one medium to the next depending on the project. I'm thankful for my graphic design background which always comes into play in the completion and delivery of every project.