Holiday Card


My #MATSholidaycard submission. My husband and I have been watching a lot of Christmas movies lately. Everyone of them has someone flying off to the North Pole in a sleigh. I envisioned Santa sending his sleigh around to pick us up, complete with a blanket and steaming mugs of dark chocolate and peppermint hot cocoa to warm us. You’re never to old to believe in love, Santa Claus, his magical sleigh and the North Pole! BTW Rudolph is on vacation in Florida so Comet’s filling in while he’s on vacation. Hang on!

In with the New!

I'm very excited to have my new website live.  Now I can focus on creating new quality illustration content.  It's great to turn over a new leaf and start fresh isn't it?  Below are three colorways of a personal piece inspired by my love for memorabilia and collections. The last colorway didn't make the cut to my website but I do like the lavender and white. What do you think? Different strokes for different folks right?

maggie summers_pattern_web1b_turqoiuse.jpg