Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Colors

We took a drive through the countryside today to look at the fall colors. The day started out sunny, then turned gray and overcast with rain showers, however I was still able to capture these images. The most amazing discovery was an infestation of lady bugs we encountered at a lookout point of an indian earth lodge. The walls, floors and just about ever square inch of the earth lodge was covered in thousands of lady bugs. Their colors were so different, no two were the same. I love fall colors, especially red barns, lady bugs and the red leaf of the burning bush.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

October Days and Halloween Nights

Is this cat waiting for a huge spider?

Mums, lots and lots of beautiful mums!

The colors of this front porch are just delicious, don't you agree?

This home is a favorite for both my husband and I. Unfortunately I didn't get the photo I wanted but will try again when the lighting is better.

Some ghoulish twists...freakish!

More posts later on in the week, feel free to check back...

Enjoy more fun Fall Drive By's at Melissa's The Inspired Room.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

"20 Little Things"

This bird thought he'd join his friends in the birdbath....

With the hardwood floors almost completed, it's just about time to paint the walls. The color is one I have never gravitated towards before however we are looking for something that will enhance the richness of the wood cabinets and hardwood floors. Currently the walls are white. We are looking for a golden shade with a hint of Tuscany flavor, not too bright, not too yellow, not too orange-muted, yet rich in tone. Ok, so what's left you say? Here are two color swatches. We tried the Laura Ashley Gold 3 but against these colors and the walls it actually looked like it fell more into the tan family. Our kitchen and dining area are small and both colors look suitable, even in a smaller area.

The cabinets and flooring are golden oak in color. The other color we thought of was a pale blue shade with a hint of turquoise (enhances the rich golden oak) however it might clash with our great room which is in a midtone muted evergreen shade.

What do you think? Your suggestions would be most helpful!

Melissa from The Inspired Room posted a list of "20 Little Things" that inspired her in Autumn. Since autumn is my favorite time of year, hear are my list of 20 little things:

1. Painting the kitchen and renovating (always autum projects)
2. Family gatherings
3. Crock pots of bubbly beef stew and fresh baked loaves of bread
4. Riding in an open topped convertible through Breads Hills, Michigan
5. Thick and cozy handmade sweaters
6. Teracott pots over flowing with Chrysanthemums
7. Paint chipped chairs and furniture
8. Hot Pumpkin pie
9. Candles scents of cinammon and berries
10. Thick warm blankets on a cold night
11. Gourds, squash and pumpkins
12. Fall festivals
13. A hot latte with a warm berry Stella
14. Flannel jackets and duck boots
15. Early morning mist
16. Apple cider
17. Bike rides around the lake, through the leaves
18. Knee high boots and skirts
19. Fresh fruit scones with marmalade
20. Fresh breezes through open windows!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fall Nesting Part 2

More fall nestings. While not the latest project I hinted about, this was a wreath I made for our door a few years back. I would do things differently now, like white wash the bird house but I like the rich rust color and just plan to leave it the way it is. Several parts I collected from trips through the park nearby. The birdhouse I purchase from Michaels I think. It came on a stand and I pulled the flat bottom part off and secured it into the vine and applied hot glue. More fall nestings at The Inspired Room.

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